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Acqua di Parma

Posted by in on 4-24-12

1916. A small perfume factory in the old town center of Parma, the aristocratic culturepacked city of Giuseppe Verdi and Stendhal. Here, in this “small capital” of Italian savoirvivre, skilled master perfumiers, with unexpected modern sensitivity, created an unusually light, fresh and crisp fragrance that marked a move away from the strong, aggressive perfumes of the day. Acqua di Parma Colonia. A refined alchemy that was an immediate success and became the most popular perfume of the era between the 30’s and 50’s. The start of the 60’s marked a turnaround in the world of perfumes and the market was flooded with proposals. In this period, Acqua di Parma continued to represent the expression of a long tradition, and true connoisseurs continued to appreciate this timeless classic. The historic Colonia became a cult object within a tight circle of high society devotees.


The 90’s marked the rebirth of Acqua di Parma. In 1993, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari, Diego Della Valle, owner of Tod’s S.p.A. and Paolo Borgomanero, shareholder of the La Perla Group, joined forces to launch a new venture: Acqua di Parma s.r.l. Three friends and three entrepreneurs of the Italian luxury products industry who decided to prevent a small stately, very high quality historic brand being obscured by an invasion of designer brands and passing fashions. They were encouraged to undertake this adventure not only by its economic potential but also by their joint passion for the Colonia of which they are personal users. A mix of business logic and enthusiasm for an Italian classic of unrivalled value, that was soon to be crowned with unprecedented success. In 1998, the first Acqua di Parma boutique was opened in Via del Gesù in Milan, close to some of the biggest names in haute couture and pret-à-porter. In 1999, numerous corners were opened in leading stores all over the world.


2001 marked the start of a new chapter in the long history of Acqua di Parma. LVMH, a world-wide leader in the production and distribution of luxury goods, acquired first of all an interest in the Italian brand, subsequently purchasing the entire company in 2003. In line with the strategies that have decreed its success on the market, Acqua di Parma expresses its core values of beauty, craftsmanship and perfection in ever new collections.
Proposals that express an original concept of contemporary luxury, destined to become new, unmistakable classics, similarly to the famous Colonia. From the Home Fragrance Collection to the Barbiere Collection, from travels bags and accessories to the new Blu Mediterraneo fragrances inspired by the most exclusive natural landscapes of the Italian Mediterranean…. each new tessera in the mosaic of Acqua di Parma contributes to forming an ever richer, more complete image. A real way of life, characterized by typically Italian taste and elegance, echoed all round the world by the historic brand.
Today, Acqua di Parma’s headquarters are in Milan; all its collections are produced exclusively in Italy and distributed through an international network.

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