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Backes and Strauss London

Posted by in on 5-21-12

As Masters of diamonds since 1789, Backes & Strauss the world’s oldest diamond company launched an exclusive luxury watch brand, creating masterpieces in the workshops of Franck Muller Watchland, Switzerland.

Marriage with expert watchmaker produces elegant timepieces featuring diamonds of the finest quality custom cut into unique shapes, polished and then hand set to perfection.

Reflecting Backes and Strauss’ London provenance, there are unique watch collections: The Berkeley, The Piccadilly, The Regent and The Victoria. Crafted in either platinum, 18 carat white or pink gold and elegantly hand set with diamonds, these watches are inspired by London’s Regency architecture, notably the classical proportions and bold symmetry of John Nash’s work for the Prince Regent in 1811 and the 18th century Palladian master and landscape architect William Kent.

With over two hundred years of experience, Backes & Strauss know diamonds having perfected the art of “ideal cut”. Such a cut shapes a diamond for perfect symmetry and proportions, where all the light that enters the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and disperses through the top of the diamond, resulting in maximum fire and brilliance. This is why all the diamonds that are hand set on a Backes and Strauss timepiece are ideal cut.
The clean clarity of the Backes and Strauss diamonds used here are the extremely rare Flawless / VVS+ with the near perfect colour collection F+.

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