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Bahoma London

Posted by in , on 11-18-13

bahomaWe are manufacturing over 40 luxury fragrances, room sprays and diffusers. We are selling all over the word through our website to our new and returning customers. Our candles best possible burn, the best possible fragrance dispersion and the best possible quality.

Bahoma London represents the triumph of style and substance made accessible for all fragrance connoisseurs. The Bahoma philosophy follows a dynamic and fiercely independent aesthetic credo and a refusal to be influenced by the mundane.

Dedication to quality and attention to detail is ingrained in every molecule of Bahoma which reaches you from our studio in London. From the moment the fragrance is created in our lab, to the careful mixing and pouring of small batches, to the meticulous process of hand-polishing the product before packaging, it’s clear that Bahoma London’s passion is creating sophisticated fragrances for the fragrance connoisseur.

The signature Bahoma London packaging on all our home fragrances, underlines the Bahoma philosophy that the product is always more important than the packaging. Within the collection of home fragrances, we’ve created fragrances from the sublime to the subversive.

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