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When the work gets hard, there is nothing better than enjoying some diversions” – claim Paolo Consani Baldi and Anna Ponziani.

Baldi was established in 1867, as the florentine atelier of our ancestor, sculptor Vincenzo Consani – one of the most important pupils in Canova’s school. With his statues, amongst which La Vittoria, he made a great contribution to the culture in Italy, leaving Baldi a legacy of a taste for grace and shape.

What was, and still is, a passion for is contemporarily a passion for life, because only the everyday pleasures can provide the eagerness to get involved in new challenges, in the design of new collections or in new business ventures around the world.

It is only thanks to the ability of being enthusiastic that we can also be professional – to the extent that it is hard to tell where the duty ends and the amusement starts.

Baldi’s approach, which has led to the collections proposed in our catalogues, is to tailor-make creations around the client’s wishes.
We do not interpret the most precious complements as the dusty interior decorations of a museum, but like something that can always give joy in the home living spaces, because life is ultimately the real art piece and art is one of the most supreme and splendid luxuries, the greatest pleasure that you can give yourself.

This is our ethos,
This is the Baldi style of living

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