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Baratti & Milano

Posted by in , on 2-26-16

Baratti & Milano, with its confectionery shop in the heart of old Turin, has reached the milestone of its 150th anniversary. Not only are there very few companies that have remained in business for such a long period, but in addition, Baratti & Milano has often played an active part in the history of Turin, and it has inspired many trends and customs in the world of confectionery.

In 1858, the company’s founders, Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano, decided to open a confectionery and spirits shop in Via Doragrossa, Turin. Baratti & Milano were two enterprising young men who had moved to the Piedmont capital from the province of Ivrea, in search of fortune. Together they succeeded in attaining success over a relatively short period of time, and they were soon able to move their business to the centre of Turin, opening in even larger and more luxurious premises. The Baratti & Milano shop became a favourite with a sophisticated clientele, including personalities from the fields of politics, science and entertainment. It was a classic stop during the “promenade” under the porticoes. Gentlemen and youths sat and sipped vermouth and quinine wine, while the ladies took their delectable chocolate or “bicerin” (a traditional Turin beverage made of coffee and chocolate), and enjoyed beignets, tasty pralines and fragrant bonbons. In 1910 the partners decided that it would be a good idea to extend their premises, because the great International Exposition would attract large numbers of visitors to Turin.

From then on, the confectionery shop in Piazza Castello has become a symbol, and Baratti & Milano has become a confectionery industry that has successfully invented great new specialities over the years, such as the Classic sweets, the Gianduiotti, the Cremini, and the Subalpino, small treasures with a unique taste, expressing all the expertise and skill of the Piedmont confectionery tradition.

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