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Bellavista wines come from more than 190 hectares of vineyards in the Franciacorta area. All our vineyards are on hills or at the foot of hills, according to the desired amount of sunshine and ventilation. These factors coupled with the countryside’s natural qualities result in an excellent vintage. Through the years much ground has been covered but the oldest traditions have still been kept.
We press all the grapes with ancient wine-press used for Champagne which splits the crop into more than five different selections. Thirty five per cent of our musts are fermented and refined in little oak barrels until the harvest following spring .Then the bottles remain in the cellar for a long period of time so that they can mature in fragrance and flavours. Our philosophy has always been made up of the following three points:
- We feel that quality research when closely linked to the natural process guarantees a constancy in standard;
- Personality, characterised by the rediscovery and the growing of the most genuine flavours and of those traditional values which represent the past but which are still alive in the countryside and its people today;
- The pursuit of naturalness, by respecting the environment and by trying to emphasise in our wines the natural vocation and potential richness of the land.

One could recount the challenges surmounted by the winemaker; of the selection procedures, at times made with ripe bunches in their hands; of the great years leading to memorable releases, but also distributing a touch of excellence to every bottle; and then of the blending, of the nerve-wracking decisions, of the intuitive masterstrokes. One could talk of the encounters with grape-growing colleagues and the common commitment to Franciacorta, of the joy in small-scale tastings with close friends and large-scale international successes. But the true story of this adventure can only be told by its real heroes: the fine wines of Bellavista.

Franciacorta Bellavista Cuvée Brut
Franciacorta Bellavista Gran Cuvée Brut
Franciacorta Bellavista Gran Cuvée Satèn
Franciacorta Bellavista Gran Cuvée Brut Rosé
Franciacorta Bellavista Gran Cuvée Brut Pas Operé
Franciacorta Bellavista Riserva Vittorio Moretti

Bellavista Curtefranca bianco

Bellavista Uccellanda bianco
Bellavista Convento Ss. Annunciata bianco

Bellavista Wine Distillate

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