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Bernardaud is the premier manufacturer and exporter of porcelain tableware in France.  Bernardaud has two production facilities in France (Limoges and Oradour-sur-Glane), eight owned-and-operated retail boutiques in France (Bordeaux, Lille, Limoges, Lyons, Paris and Strasbourg) and two retail boutiques in the United Sates ( Chicago and New York).

Quality is integral to the culture, aspirations and mission of the brand. Bernardaud imposes exacting standards and commitment at every step of a lengthy manufacturing process, for each fine porcelain object is the work of many skilled professionals. Every artisan – from the modeler to the colorist, finisher or transfer decorator – draws, shapes, enamels, assembles, decorates or inspects by hand.

Each artisan verifies that all pieces meet the Bernardaud quality criteria. This is vital as each step in the fabrica tion process depends on the previous one and must be executed perfectly in preparation for the next. The quality of a piece of porcelain can be expressed as the sum of time required for its manufacture and for successive drying and firing operations. For instance, it takes one week and more than fifty artisans to complete a teapot. The skill of these master craftsmen is responsible for creating beauty in the lines of a vase, the design of a bowl or the decoration of a plate.

Bernardaud was awarded the “Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant” label in 2006. The label is conferred by the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment to honor French companies that rely on traditional crafts and industrial processes characterized by their excellence. Recipients are distinguished by their history (and often centuries-old heritage) in addition to the capacity for innovation and the practice of the rare, sophisticated techniques that have helped establish their outstanding reputation within the French business community.

The Bernardaud Group is headed by Chairman and CEO Michel Bernardaud which presides over the Bernardaud Group and represents the fifth generation family leadership.

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