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Boffi opened in 1934 as a small kitchen furniture workshop.

Search for more and more beautiful forms, technological innovations and a perfect mix of modernity and tradition have made Boffi famous all over the world.

Its products have been exhibited at the Triennale in Milan, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the universal Expo ’85 of Tsukuba in Japan. In 1995 Boffi was awarded the “Golden Compass”. In 2003 Boffi has reinforced its corporate image by gaving the ISO 9002 – 2000 certification. In 2004 the bathroom tap Cut, design Tessarollo-Cerato, was selected for Compasso d’Oro and in the same year wins the “Red Dot” award for best product design.

Since 1980 Boffi has also been producing bathroom furniture.

In 2003 Boffi acquired the German kitchen company Norbert Wangen.

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