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Ca’ del Bosco

Posted by in on 1-8-13

Ca del BoscoIf wine is art, Ca’ del Bosco‘s masterpiece is called Franciacorta and bears the unique, inimitable signature of Maurizio Zanella, Ca’ del Bosco is the leading brand of bubblies with ultra-fine perlage bearing the name of the zone they’re made in, Franciacorta. A position reached thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of  Maurizio Zanella who in the early 70s understood and pursued his “artistic” vocation, playing a starring role in the Italian wine renaissance and transforming a house in an oak wood into a vanguard, state-of-the-art winery.

At Ca’ del Bosco there is a single principle behind and defining all its production, from grape selection to bottling: quality, or better, only the highest level of quality, excellence.
Its wines must meet the prerequisites that make for total drinking pleasure: absolute balance and perfect harmony.

Ca’ del Bosco enology assists the natural expression of grape quality and typicality, which depends on their varieties and how the vines are grown.
Winery philosophy is based on using technology to get full expression of the grapes and thus make the finest wines possible. Every batch of grapes harvested has a unique personality to be revealed and directed towards its highest expression.

Ca’ del Bosco has defined the vocation of a winemaking district – Franciacorta – a territory that enables Chardonnay in particular to reach full ripeness with the highest concentration of scents.
To make these great wines you need high-performance technology. Ca’ del Bosco believes and has invested a great deal in this, creating a technologically vanguard cellar with installations unique in the sector so it can optimally manage pre-fermentation operations for whites and maceration for the reds, crucial stages in vinification.

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