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Caffarel logoBack in 1826, Mr. Paolo Caffarel and his young son bought an old abandoned factory beyond Porta Susa in Turin so they could launch their great business idea: transforming cocoa into chocolate, the “food of the Gods.”
Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, determination, and passion, Caffarel and his son began production, taking advantage of the capacity of a machine that was revolutionary for those days.
This marked the birth of Caffarel, a company destined to become a true emblem of the great tradition of fine Piedmont chocolate.

Thanks to the managerial skills of its owners, the small company gradually developed over the years to become a major confectionary industry. And yet, it has never abandoned its artisan approach that has allowed it to create unique products such as the famous gianduiotto, the chocolate that Caffarel invented in 1865 that became the top product of the Turin-based company.

The gianduiotto, which is named after Gianduja, the famous Commedia dell’Arte character from Turin, is still the core product of the company and an international best-seller.

After 183 glorious years of chocolate-making, production continues in the modern 20,000 square meter plant in Luserna San Giovanni, a town in the province of Turin where the company moved in 1968. The production plant has three separate buildings with high-tech machinery able to produce nearly 4,000 tons of products each year.

Caffarel has always been a blend of past and present, successfully producing wonderful traditional recipes using modern high-tech industrial systems. Today it makes more than 600 different products that are famous for their quality and elegance and represent Piedmont’s finest chocolate on the market.
Caffarel is not only known for its traditional cocoa-based products (chocolates, gianduiotto chocolates, and creamy chocolate spreads), but also for its candy, jelly candies, traditional Italian baked goods, and semi-worked products for use by artisan pastry and ice cream shops.
Only the finest raw materials carefully selected from the most important countries of origin are used in the modern plant of Luserna San Giovanni with more than 450 employees.
Each year, the company uses its creativity to renew product lines and make customized products for special occasions and the most important holidays.

Besides traditional chocolate Easter eggs and Christmas specialties, Caffarel produces many other products that reflect Piedmont excellence, from great classics such as Nocciolotto, Croccante Gentile, and the Piemonte bar to a variety of praline gift boxes and gourmet chocolate bars for true connoisseurs.

A market-savvy company like Caffarel certainly could have not ignored the strategic importance of its packaging, which is entirely designed in its graphics department.

All Caffarel products are carefully prepared down to the smallest detail. Each is finished by hand, just like in an artisan confectionary shop, so that the company can proudly offer an exclusive product to discerning and demanding customers.

Caffarel’s presence abroad has grown over the years. Today, Caffarel exports its products to 50 countries, including Japan, China, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal.
Different countries and cultures have begun to recognize and love traditional Piedmont chocolate of which Caffarel is the ambassador, starting with its legendary Gianduja and continuing with its exclusive Nocciolotto recipe.

For years, Caffarel has been a member of Altagamma, an association representing world-famous Italian companies in the high-end luxury market that express Italian style and culture through their company and product and distinguish themselves for their innovation, quality, service, design, and prestige.

Since 1826, Caffarel has represented Piedmont excellence in Italy and around the world.

Plant address: Via Gianavello 41-10062, Luserna San Giovanni (TO)

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