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CARON : two syllables that reflect a wide range of refined and suave bouquets, which evoke magical and unforgettable fragrances launched in 1904.
No other perfumer has ever created so many original accords and fashioned so many images that reveal the olfactory landscape of men and women since the beginning of the century. Loyal to the French “Haute Parfumerie” tradition, today CARON has successfully met the challenge of re-establishing the “art of perfume”.  It is impossible to resist this revolutionary trend and this return to real perfumes.

Completely avant garde, in harmony with art and fashion, and inspired by the achievements that left their marks on the 20th century, CARON has gracefully adapted to the changes in social customs, while remaining loyal to its traditions.

With a catalogue of over 30 original creations, CARON has earned international renown, and become : A major name in the world of perfumes for men and women.

CARON, a blend of ultra-modern elegance and traditional art.

Caron is owned by the Alès Groupe, a haircare, cosmetics and fragrances company based in Paris. Group’s brand portfolio: premium haircare ( PHYTO, PHYTOSPECIFIC, Secret professional, Kydra, Ducastel); luxury skincare (Lierac); haute parfumerie (Caron).

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