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Casa Caleta: Luxury Beachfront Villa Rental in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Posted by in on 11-17-13

Casa Caleta VallartaCasa Caleta is one of the most exclusive villa rentals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Featuring 6 bedrooms that sleep 12, 10,000 Square Feet of Living Space and a Full Staff- it is clear why Casa Caleta has become one of the top Villa Rentals in Mexico.

Picture yourself opening the front door to one of the most sought-after Luxury Villas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the world renowned tropical vacation destination, only to be blown away by the perfectly designed window to one of the most coveted beachfront ocean-views in all of Mexico. As you open the step down three steps the ocean-view window increases to full-frame through the entrance foyer area and living room through to the outdoor pool area in the distance. Upon opening the rustically finished glass door, you are swept by the impactfull cross-ventilation experience created by the three coordinated doors and window openings directly through the middle of the main floor of the villa. This is what you imagined Puerto Vallarta to be like when you imagined travelling to Puerto Vallarta…

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Casa Caleta Puerto Vallarta

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