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Posted by in on 4-15-12

More than eight decades ago, a small aircraft company started in Wichita, Kan., to do what others said could not be done – to build a monoplane that used a wing without supporting struts or braces. When the Cessna All Purpose took off August 13, 1927, the aviation world was forever changed.

In fact, Clyde Cessna’s cantilever design has been the standard ever since.

Truth be told, the history of Cessna is a long line of firsts. With such a heritage, it’s no wonder Cessna Aircraft Company is the leading designer and manufacturer of light and midsize business jets, utility turboprops and single engine aircraft, having sold and delivered more aircraft than anyone else in history – 190,000 and counting. Today, with 8,500-plus dedicated employees worldwide and billions of dollars in orders for some of the world’s most advanced aircraft, the future of our company and our customers is even brighter than our lustrous past.

Since the first Cessna took off from a makeshift runway in Wichita more than 80 years ago, Cessna Aircraft Company has been the world standard in aircraft design and innovation. We have patented 27 parts and processes over the last 15 years. Not surprisingly, the combination of our talented employees and our dedication to never leaving well enough alone has earned us some pretty prestigious recognition over the years.

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