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Champagne Bollinger

Posted by in on 12-9-12

Champagne Bollinger is one of the last independent Champagne houses producing a range of non-vintage (Special Cuvée), vintage (Grand Année, R.D., Vieille Vignes Françaises, Coteaux Champenois La Côte aux Enfants) and premium cuvees sparkling wines.

A family-owned House from the heart of the Champagne wine-growing area, Bollinger is nonetheless present in over 100 countries. From the very beginning, the House has given priority to promoting its wines abroad. Bollinger’s very close relationship with England began in 1858 when Joseph Bollinger met Ludwig Mentzendorff, a wine shipper who had recently set up in London. Their strong friendship was at the root of a lasting relationship of trust which still continues today, and which has made Bollinger (“Bolly”) the most British of champagnes!

Founded din the region of Champagne in France in 1829,  the house is owned by Société Jacques Bollinger, whose holdings in France also include Ayala Champagne, Maison Chanson in Burgundy, Langlois-Chateau in the Loire Valley and Delamain in Cognac.

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