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Posted by in on 5-2-12

For 230 years Chaumet’s expertise in Fine Jewellery has been bequeathed from one master jeweller to another, bearing witness to the tastes of Parisians of every period. The jewellery and watch creations reflect this exceptional insight and knowledge and reveal messages of love. Sentimental jewellery is again the unifying theme of the new collections.
Since its creation in 1780, Chaumet’s history has been intimately linked with the history of France. After collaborating with the jeweller of Queen Marie-Antoinette, the founder ofthe House, Marie-Étienne Nitot, established his own aristocratic clientele and became the official jeweller to Emperor Napoleon the First.

Both as a designer and an innovator, he fulfilled sumptuous orders for Empress Joséphine and later, Empress Marie-Louise. He was the undisputed master of the Empire style and anticipated the Romantic period‘s fondness for sentimentalism.

The headquarters of Chaumet, the townhouse at 12 place Vendôme, incorporates the design studio, the Fine Jewellery workshop, the boutique adjoining the Salon des Diadèmes and the 18th century Grand Salon listed as a historic monument.

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