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Clive Christian

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Clive Christian Interior Design addresses every room in the home with bespoke British-made fitted furniture and architectural panelling in the authentic Clive Christian design style. This is based on the classical orders to ensure a timeless aesthetic and sound investment when creating a legacy home. Clive Christian Furniture can be commissioned in solid walnut, yew, oak and painted cherry or tulip wood in a warm or cool luxury palette. The signature Clive Christian design style can be simplified or embellished to suit requirements.

Since the 1970′s, Clive Christian has been synonymous with the ultimate statement kitchen. The first designer to put crystal chandeliers into kitchens, Clive Christian transformed what was regarded as a functional workspace into the most cherished room in the home – and for more than 30 years the Clive Christian kitchen has retained its status as a must-have for those who aspire to a luxury lifestyle.]

The Clive Christian Design House was awarded its own Coat Of Arms by The Royal College of Arms in 1999 and Clive was personally recognised in The Queen’s New Year’s Honours list for his services as a designer to the luxury goods industry.  He has long been an ambassador for all things British.

In 1999 Clive Christian took the reins to one of the oldest British Perfume Houses, The Crown Perfumery, first made famous 135 years ago when it was uniquely honoured by Queen Victoria with the gift of her crown as a symbol of utmost quality and British excellence.

Clive Christian Perfumes revived the original values of the House to create pure perfumes in complex formulas with the most precious natural ingredients from the corners of the British Empire.

This vision led to the creation of the Definitive Collection of perfumes – 1872, X and No.1- which was to be recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as The World’s Most Expensive Perfume.

“Design it first – to be the absolute best it can be – then cost it.” – Clive Christian OBE

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