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Cluev Jewellery HouseInspired by a passion for precious stones, Ilya Klyuev launched jewellery house Cluev, producing one-of-a-kind pieces in Swiss and Italian workshops.

The brand has gone on to produce sterling silver signature collections, sophisticated crystal objects and interior pieces, with precious stones and materials identified and certified by experts at the world’s famous gemmological institutes.

Any item designed by CLUEV Jewellery House inspires to build family traditions, becoming that precious link between generations, through times. CLUEV guides through the alluring world of luxury, uncovering its mysteries. CLUEV’s items, be it a piece of jewellery or silverware, add an extra beauty to its owner’s life, becoming a revelation and a new experience.

CLUEV defines what a modern classic is, which always remains in trend and up-to-date. This concept is conveyed by Ilya Klyuev, the founder and creative mind of the Jewellery House. The history of the brand has begun with Ilya’s passion…that would be precious stones.
Today CLUEV features a gallery of art objects, exclusive sterling silver signature collections, sophisticated crystal objects and stunning interior pieces. They are best described as facile, refined, immaculately designed and elegant.

CLUEV Jewellery House offers a lifelong warranty on all its jewelry pieces. Every precious stone has been identified and certified by experts at the world’s famous gemological institutes. All jewelry pieces are produced by CLUEV Jewellery House’s Workshops in Switzerland and Italy.
Ilya Kluev forms sincere personal relations with his clients. This enables Ilya to know each family personally, to assist them in forming their unmatched style. When buying a piece of jewellery, clients receive a unique knowledge concerning precious stones which helps them make a confident and conscious choice and value the quality of jewellery pieces.
CLUEV luxury items mesmerize and unveil the world of true values: love, beauty, wisdom, kindness. They never lose their significance, but increase it with time.
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