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Established in London by Italian Onorato Comitti at the height of Empire in 1850, Comitti has been making the finest quality barometers, desk, wall and floor clocks for well over 150 years. Comitti’s speciality pieces, often described as ‘horological art’ reflect the outstanding innovation, skills and craftsmanship have earned the company its enviable international reputation.

This limited selection of speciality clocks which are available in stunning contemporary versions have been created to meet the growing demands of the luxury market for timeless products that last for generations. These skeleton clocks highlight the art and craft of making fine timekeepers where every detail of the mechanism is visible through cut away movement plates.

A fine example is Comitti’s Navigator clock (main image) which is based on the world’s first marine chronometer created by John Harrison (1693 – 1776). Harrison`s marine timepieces solved the greatest technical problem of the 18th century; how to calculate your longitude position when navigating the high seas.

By setting their timepieces at noon when leaving a home port and observing the time difference at noon on the following days of their journey, mariners could accurately calculate the distance they had travelled. This extraordinary achievement gave the navies of the United Kingdom an enormous advantage in the quest for and Empire, trade and global exploration.The invention literally changed the world. Greenwich Meantime was established.

Today, Harrison’s original seafaring clocks can be seen at the Greenwich Observatory in London while the famous ‘Grasshopper’ escapement can be admired in the extraordinary Comitti range of ‘Navigator’ clocks.

The heirs of Onorato Comitti maintain Comitti as a family business dedicated to harnessing traditional craftsmanship and the finest materials to create stunning contemporary interpretations of historical designs, whether paying tribute to John Harrison’s landmark achievements, celebrating the present Queen’s sixty years on the throne, revisiting the technological wonders of The Great Exhibition of 1851 marking Britain’s military prowess.

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