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Posted by in , on 4-22-12

The history of Dallmayr can be traced back over three centuries. The family-owned company developed from a so-called “Spezereien-Handlung” (grocer’s shop) into a brand enterprise that is now known throughout the world, and is famous in part through its “Prodomo” coffee brand.

Dallmayr coffee has been a well-known name to people in Munich for many years now. As early as 1930, Dallmayr operated an “electric coffee roaster” in its parent house on Dienerstraße.
Now, as then, customers are sold freshly roasted coffee in the coffee department of the delicatessen each day. Coffee is taken from exquisite, hand-painted porcelain vessels crafted in Nymphenburg, and weighed on beam balances specially designed and produced for Dallmayr.

A list of the world’s delicatessens would be unthinkable without Dallmayr. Visitors from all over the world are greeted by the aroma of coffee, truffles and chocolate, and the appetizingly presented home-made salads and specialities tempt the palate. A spirit of tradition suffuses the large house with its historic facade – one senses cultivated food and drink.

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