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For Delisle the ultimate luxury is to offer unique, one of a kind Art pieces.

Founded in Paris in 1895, Delisle manufactures bronze and iron high-end lighting fixtures, chandeliers and decorative furniture. With a collection of more than 2000 period models and 10 000 drawings and water colors from the XVIth century to the Art Deco period, Delisle designs custom “Objets d’Art” for the most prestigious clients throughout the world such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Plazza Athénée Hotel in New York, The Four Seasons George V and the Shangri-La in Paris, the Grand Trianon and the Opera in Versailles and international private clients.

With Delisle, each piece is a work of Art.

Five generations have been focusing to create perfection and beauty with traditionnal craftsmanship and noble raw material without forgetting new technologies.

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