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In 1829 , Charles Delvaux added a shop window to his Brussles studio. His handcrafted travel trunks quickly gained universal admiration amongst the cognoscenti.In 1883 , Delvaux became a warrant holder to the Court of Belgium. And,in 1898, the House was the first to patent a model ( the Edison trunk).Spurred on by success, the range was futher extended to include luggage,boxex,suitcases,and more.Never forgetting,which the House has offered since the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1933, Franz Schwennicke took over the House and swiftly shook up the sector’s traditions.He was the first to introduce the concept of seasonality into leather leather goods.But it was under the leadership of his wife Solange,who succeded him in 1970,that the house of Delvaux’s reputation was definitively established beyond Belgium’s borders.

An exceptionally charismatic character , Solange Schweninicke was able to develop the House od Delvaux ‘s creativity to stranghten its craft know how even futher and to establish itself throughout Europe as a trandsetter.What’s more, she succeeded in appealing to people who appreciated elegance as far away as Japan, and in positioning this Brussels brand name at the forefront of leather goods.

Born in 1961, François Schwennicke is part of the family who runs Delvaux from 1933. He managed the company from 1994 till 2009. From 2009, he decided to retire from the position of senior management to return to production by opening a workshop in Saigon (Vietnam) in order to perpetuate the know-how of the company in an economically sustainable environment for those who wish to continue to produce handmade with the finest materials.

Delvaux confirmes its partnership with Fung Brands Ltd by end September 2011. Their experience within the luxury sector, their sensitivity to the know-how and quality of our products will assure the longevity and international development of the brand.


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