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Founded in 1968 by Enrico and Antonia Astori and Adelaide Acerbi, Driade quickly gained fame for the quality of a ground-breaking idea and a very innovative manufacturing policy that dealt with three specific design problems: ideation of a system, its implementation and communication.

Driade is the story of a family nucleus, the roles of whose components were quickly divided up and defined: Enrico, the coordinator and the entrepreneur, Antonia, designer and architect, Adelaide develops communication through graphics, art direction and visual merchandising.

Driade is an aesthetic workshop that advances research into all aspects of habitation.

Its vast catalogue includes works of art and everyday objects, furniture for the house, the garden, the office and collective spaces; wardrobes, cupboards, kitchens and modular furnishing systems.

This is what makes our proposal unique in the world of design.

Driade’s research is inspired by the desire to introduce experimentation into serialized industrial products.

The search for creativity in every product constitutes the very meaning of the company.

Driade has always involved cultural personalities, design critics and historians to encourage debate and generate a context of cultural events, exhibitions, and meetings with designers.

Driade is about anticipating trends, being ahead of the times. Over the years, the vocation of Enrico Astori for talent scouting, has enabled us to discover and propose news styles and trends.

Today the vast Driade catalogue includes objects of art and daily use, furniture for the home, garden, office and community, clothes-closets, kitchens, systems of combinable furnishings and is divided into three brands: driade – The Philosophy of Home-Living; driadestore – The Light Home; driadekosmo– The World of Objects.

Many different companies seem to coexist in Driade, each with its own production, language and spirit, and all of them make up the Driade home.

Driade is a coordinator, the design world’s equivalent of a publishing house. Through its dynamic network of suppliers and creative talents (designers, artists, architects and painters), it creates and distributes all over the world and it is based on the conviction that eclecticism, cultural collage, curiosity and surprise represent the true sense of our age.

The many histories of Driade, sometimes parallel, sometimes divergent, more often intersecting, are the history of a passion. Cultivated by a small family group – now enlarged to the second generation as Elisa Astori, vice president and extended to what by now is one big family of collaborators and friends in many parts of the world – with the illusion that, prior to being a necessity, home-living can each time become a pleasure.

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