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Ecotemis designs and produces “Haute Couture” architectural solar solutions for urban environments.

We have developed a world-class unique offer of building and furniture integrated photovoltaic solutions exploiting architectural, urban, and energy efficiency constraints.

We are headquartered in Paris, with offices in Brussels and Copenhagen.

We combine an international team of senior architects, engineers, designers, manufacturing experts, researchers and economists.


Themis (Greek: Θέμις) was an ancient Greek goddess, the daughter of Gaia and Ouranus and the second wife of Zeus. She had the power to create and nurture the balance in communities, based on principles of justice, wisdom, law, and customs. Hence her name, Themis, meaning ‘law of nature.’ She sat beside Zeus to offer advice.

At Ecotemis, we work in pursuit of a sustainable balance for our global community, both today and for generations to come. We believe that renewable energy can further peace, social order, wealth and security. Themis was a ‘mark of civilized existence’; Ecotemis is the new civilized existence. Climate change, energy insecurity, limited traditional resources… all are sources of conflict. Ecotemis is offering an alternative environment: peaceful, comfortable, wealthy, secure, beautiful, abundant, green, relaxing.

Our vision is to contribute to more sustainable cities, where integrated green energy unleashes an exciting and creative life for the people living in them.

Our mission is to bring solar energy closer to people’s lives and mindset. We offer vibrant architectural BIPV, in harmony with the surrounding environment.

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