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Eres has been a trendsetting force in the swimwear world for 40 years now, thanks to the brands iconic style and know-how.

The company focuses on designing swimsuits that sculpt women’s bodies and enhance them with ingenious cuts, without using any padding or boning. Every piece is created with exclusive and comfortable fabrics to provide the perfect fit.

The feel, the shape and the quality of fabric are all essential for Eres. Since its inception, the brand has used high-tech, innovative materials that are soft and comfortable to wear. In 1968, the house was already making swimming suits with spandex, only recently invented. Next came Peau Douce, a knit capable of camouflaging imperfections, and Parachute Light, a fabric that truly feels like a second skin. in 1998, lingerie design continued on its quest for high performance fabrics, so soft and light that the body forgets it’s wearing anything: Taffetas Plume, supple and light as air, Jerse Lumiere, fine and springy, the most delicate Leavers lace from Callais, tulle, Puy lace. All ensure support and comfort and require the application of artisanal French sewing techniques, guaranteeing flawless quality.

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