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For forty years, ETRO has been a synonym for Made in Italy and a style, also a lifestyle, where quality and elegance bow not only to aesthetics.

An exquisite and refined universe born from Gimmo Etro’s innate passion for travel and history, which today have become the leitmotif of each line crafted by the brand. His research driven by a consummate love of culture and beautiful things ever since he began his entrepreneurial venture as a clothing textile converter in 1968.

Leading to the production launch of high quality materials made with noble and natural fibres, embellished with original designs and innovative colours.

In 1981, Etro unveiled its line of furnishing textiles. Paisley was the distinguishing feature of the first collection and was to become the production masterpiece, but also the brand’s mark of recognition.

The production range then branched into leather and the Paisley jacquard fabric collection of handbags and travel bags; treated with a special plasticising technique, the Etro Paisley jacquard quickly ascended as an emblem of chic.

Etro then enriched its offering with a home accessories line and a furnishing complements line, culminating in refined decorative suggestions for interiors.

The late 1980s saw the launch of Etro Perfumes, which today counts 22 exclusive fragrances and a dedicated boutique.

The women’s and men’s prêt-à-porter collections made their debut in the 1990s and were immediately distinguished by their stylistic inventiveness and research, both in the materials and the workings. The artful use of prints and colours combined with extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to detail and modern cuts have enabled the Etro label to enjoy ongoing growth. Over the years, Etro has become a hub of creativity and innovation, although it still keeps close ties with a tradition that is strongly recombined. Etro calls this the “New Tradition”, a key concept and significant brand value of the group.

Etro identifies above all with Gimmo (short for Gerolamo), its founder, although the company is now managed also by his children Jacopo, Kean, Ippolito and Veronica. Each company division is run by a member of the family: Jacopo is responsible for textiles, the home and the leather collections; Kean is the creative spirit and manager of the men’s collections; Ippolito, the third son, takes care of the financial side of the business; and Veronica is in charge of the women’s collections.

Currently, Etro has 200 boutiques worldwide, 70 of which it owns outright.

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