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Ferrari F.lli Lunelli

Posted by in on 1-8-15

Ferrari, with over a century of history behind it and a record number of awards and accolades to its name, is Italy’s leading producer of Classic Method sparkling wines and one of the ten largest in the world.


Founded in 1902, when Trento was still a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ferrari has maintained the characteristics of a family-run company and is managed entirely by the Lunelli family, the descendants of Bruno who, in 1952, bought from its founder, Giulio Ferrari, a tiny gem of a winery producing barely ten thousand bottles a year.

Excellence has always been the guiding principle behind every decision at Ferrari: excellence which translates into a continuous and constant quest for quality and which implies loyalty to Metodo Classico as the exclusive production process and to Trentino as the chosen territory for the Company’s vineyards. All of the grapes destined to be transformed into Ferrari’s wines in fact come from the high hills of Trentino and are grown either in the Lunelli family’s own vineyards or under the control of the firm’s agronomists, respecting the strict constraints imposed by the TRENTO D.O.C. regulations.

This uncompromising search for excellence has allowed Ferrari to obtain an unequalled series of accolades: it has been named “Legend of the Fortieth Anniversary” by Vinitaly, it has won the Wine Oscar awarded by the Italian Sommeliers’ Association no less than four times and each year it receives the highest ratings from the most authoritative wine Guides, including the “Three Glasses” from Gambero Rosso, which gives this comment on its decision: “Relish Italy’s finest sparkling wine, and one of the finest anywhere in the world”.

The leading company in Italy with a 27% share of the Metodo Classico market, Ferrari exports its products to over 50 countries on 5 continents. Japan, Germany, the United States and Russia are the most significant markets for Ferrari’s constantly growing sales abroad.

Ferrari has always provided the perfect accompaniment for the most significant moments in the realms of the state, culture, show business and sport. It is with Ferrari that all guests to the Residence of the President of the Italian Republic and to Italian Embassies around the world are welcomed. It is with Ferrari that the stars of Hollywood celebrated on the night of the Oscars, and it is with Ferrari that our sportsmen have always toasted their victories, from the historic soccer World Cup of 1982 to that of 2006. The great names of fashion and of Italian lifestyle also choose the great sparkling wines of Trentino to put the final seal on their most important events. It is no accident that Ferrari is one of the founder-members of Altagamma, the association that is made up of Italy’s most prestigious brands.

Ferrari’s range consists of eleven different wines: Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore, a cru that matures for over nine years and is Italy’s most prize-winning wine; Ferrari Perlé, Ferrari Perlé Rosé, Ferrari Perlé Nero and Ferrari Riserva Lunelli, which are also vintage wines; Ferrari Maximum Brut, Ferrari Maximum Rosé and Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec, reserved for the restaurant sector and designed to be drunk throughout the meal; and, lastly, the House’s historic labels, Ferrari Rosé, Ferrari Demi-Sec and Ferrari Brut.


Since the 1980s, as part of its strategy of diversification with regard to fine drinking, the Lunelli family has added to the range – alongside the Ferrari wines – a grappa, Segnana, a mineral water, Surgiva, and a line of still wines under the “Lunelli” brand. Since 2000, the search for ideal terroirs for the production of fine red wines has led to the purchase of two Estates, Podernovo and Castelbuono, in Tuscany and Umbria respectively. Lastly, there is Ferrari’s recently-opened restaurant, Locanda Margon. A group has thus been created whose products stand out because they express a resolute pursuit of quality and the outstanding expression of their areas of origin.

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