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Posted by in on 1-13-15

Those acquainted with JP Donleavy’s Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B would be correct in assuming that Elizabeth Fitzdare, the love of Balthazar’s life whom he frequently whisked off to the races in Ireland, was the inspiration behind the name of London’s most luxurious gambling club. Founded in 2005, Fitzdares immediately heralded a return to the turf accountancy principals of yester year. While the wider industry moves further and further towards homogenous gaming, Fitzdares prides itself on offering its member’s a truly best-of-breed experience.

Fitzdares is the private member’s club for discerning gamblers.

Each member has their own personal telephone number, ensuring a wonderfully tailored, discreet service. Members can bet on all sports, both fixed odds and spread betting.

And when our members are not betting with us but want to play amongst friends, we have painstakingly produced the most beautiful gaming products ranging from backgammon to perudo, cribbage to cards. We have sought advice from the best games players in the world, asking them what features make for the best products, and with that feedback built a range of goods that are widely considered classics of their kind.

With its dedicated team Fitzdares is constantly looking to find ways to make the experience of betting as enjoyable as possible.

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