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Posted by in on 4-17-12

Grenson Shoes was started by just one man, William Green.
He was born in 1835 but his father unfortunately passed away in 1839 when William was only 4 years old. He moved away from his place of birth with his mother soon after and they ended up in Rushden, in Northamptonshire.

In fact it was William’s mother who taught him his trade as he helped her to produce mens boots at home. It was only a cottage-based business but at that time, most shoemaking was still a cottage industry. He continued to help his mother until 1860 when he moved out of home and continued this in his own home until 1866.

William Green, our founder, built the factory in 1895 in order to accommodate a huge surge in demand towards the end of the 19th century, during Queen Victoria’s reign.

The factory was one of the biggest of its kind in the country and made Grenson one of the most important shoemakers in the country, employing at its height up to 400 people.

Today the factory is almost untouched and many of the craftsmen and women are descendents of the original workforce, so the spirit and heart of our company continues in a way that is extremely rare in this day and age.

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