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Harry Winston

Posted by in , on 12-21-12

Harry Winston logoInspired by the endless energy of New York, Harry Winston opened his doors in 1932, and began a process of transformation. Winston transformed diamonds into art and revolutionized modern jewelry design. With enduring optimism, new generations of Winston designers and craftsmen collaborate to create infinitely beautiful jewels of unsurpassable style.

It is a uniquely American luxury brand born of the unyielding spirit of New York.

From the legacy of the Hope Diamond to the sparkle of the red carpet, Harry Winston diamonds have become an icon of international glamour.

The Company supplies rough diamonds to the global market from its 40% ownership interest in the Diavik Diamond Mine, located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The Company’s luxury brand segment, Harry Winston Inc., is a premier diamond jeweler and luxury timepiece retailer with salons in key locations including New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beverly Hills.

Long synonymous with the world’s most spectacular diamond jewelry, the Harry Winston name denotes exceptional skill in showcasing the largest and rarest stones in beautifully handcrafted, unique settings.

Harry Winston is the inventor of modern couture jewelry and is known as the “King of Diamonds” and “Jeweler to the Stars.” The company has an unrivalled position as the most exclusive and prestigious jewelry retailer and is known for its expertise, fine craftsmanship, quality gems and innovative gemstone settings.

Harry Winston is renowned for donating the world’s most famous gemstone, the Hope Diamond, to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C, where it has been one of the world’s most visited exhibitions. In the fall of 2010, the Hope Diamond was displayed in a special setting designed by Harry Winston to mark the 50th anniversary of its donation. After one year following the anniversary, the stone will be returned to its original setting.

Harry Winston Inc. is headquartered in New York City, currently operates 21 directly operated retail salons and four licensed salons worldwide, and has 190 points of international distribution for its exclusive line of timepieces. Harry Winston plans to expand its retail and timepiece distribution network, both in the US and internationally.


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