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Hotel L’Albereta

Posted by in , on 1-21-15

Before becoming a Relais & Chateaux, L’Albereta was a neo-renaissance style villa, a beautiful solidlybuilt house that Vittorio Moretti visited occasionally, accompanied by his aunt. His childhood memories are mixed with the desire to create a place dedicated to our wellbeing, to our leisure time, when we are finally free from other commitments.

L’Albereta is situated at the top of the Bellavista hill, in the centre of a terroir, where the large hotel, the Gualtiero Marchesi restaurant and the Henri Chenot Espace Vitalité spa become one with the vineyards, the Bellavista cellar and the family home.
Geographically and idealistically, the whole hill looks like a meridian on which the elements of the project that has transformed natural beauty into a resource, into an incentive for himself and for others, are placed around it like the hours. The first herald is food, that chosen and prepared by Gualtiero Marchesi, a maestro who instinctively pursues the cultured man, with a passion for the arts, for simplicity. A difficult term, too often related to immediacy. When you sit at the table, however, it becomes clear how simplicity originates from research with surprising results. A simple dish, whose form fuses with its taste, a union of raw material and skill, allows real abandon, happiness.

The same objective pursued by Henri Chenot, who likens the states of the body to the seasons, finding the most natural way to achieve inner harmony. Ultimately, what is achieved at L’Albereta has a lot to do with the meaning of the name: a place cultivated with trees, arranged so that they have space and light.

The Relais & Chateau was established on 23 September 1993, under the sign of Libra, with a high number of suites: 1 grand suite, 18 suites and junior suites, plus 35 double rooms and 3 single rooms.
The équipe at L’Albereta are used to the most unusual requests, even that of finding a shoe holder for the dozens of shoes brought by a celebrity.

The Gualtiero Marchesi restaurant is served by a brigade of 18 cooks, under the direction of the great innovator of Italian cuisine, while the 1,400 square metres of the Espace Vitalité, dedicated to total wellbeing, were designed and are run according to the precepts of Henri Chenot.

L’Albereta is still a villa, a large five-star hilltop villa with a wealth of sculptures in its grounds and an exclusive wine: the Vigna Leone Chardonnay.

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