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Posted by in on 4-21-12

The company has seen many changes since it was founded in 1940. However, our commitment to quality has always remained unchanged. Our 1,250 employees produce high quality furniture for the entire world. Our hülsta and now! by hülsta brands will only go onto the market after being submitted to rigourous tests. Only the best is good enough for our customers. We want to offer you endless possibilites to create your very own inspiring home. Our partners, the veneer manufacturer hobb and the logistics company SLC are just as committed to deliver high quality standards and outstanding service. You should not expect anything less, we do not, either.

hülsta, a third generation family business with a highly cosmopolitan outlook, total commitment to its location and outstanding creativity, is currently setting the worldwide benchmark for the highest quality system furniture.

Life would be very boring if everybody was the same and had the same taste. Our furniture helps you to express your individuality and to create your very own inspiring home. The hülsta brand is created for customers who know what life is all about and who value high quality. Our extensive choice of 60 furniture ranges with finishes stretching from lacquer to solid wood offers inexhaustable design ideas.

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