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ISAIA Napoli

Posted by in on 8-18-14

A successful family enterprise that has been transformed in time into an international business model. This is ISAIA, Neapolitan high class men’s clothing company.

ISAIA was born in Naples in the 20’s thanks to the intuition of Mr. Enrico Isaia, head of the homonymous family, who opened a shop with luxury drapery destined to the most renowned tailoring in the city. During the following years Mr. Enrico arranges next to his shop a small laboratory where skillful artisans manufacture men’s made to measure suits. In 1957 brothers Enrico, Rosario and Corrado Isaia move their business to Casalnuovo, a little city where half of the inhabitants are professional tailors. Within ten years ISAIA becomes a genuine sartorial company producing clothes of the top quality for the most prestigious Italian shops.

In the first 80’s, together with the brand affirmation and new, more aggressive commercial strategies, starts industrializing and internationalizing process which leads to distribution into foreign countries: Europe, Japan, China and America.

Today ISAIA is a company that counts more than 200 employees and it’s managed by its third family generation: Gianlua (vice president), Enrico (Human Resources Director), Massimiliano (Production Manager) and Alessandra Isaia (Product Manager).

After having inaugurated its first flag ship store in Milan in the heart of the Fashion district, in the next two years ISAIA will complete an important development plan which includes a project of expansion in Chinese retail network (30 monobrand shops in 10 years) and in Russia where ISAIA keeps three shops (Moscow, San Petersburg and Ekaterinburg) plus one shop in Kiev in Ucraine.
The story and success of ISAIA are based on “Made in Naples” concept, this is both Neapolitan sartorial tradition and exclusive product knowledge value, appreciated in the whole world. A value which is settled deep in the DNA of the company and all the people making part of it, some of them for generations. ISAIA in fact produces its suits only and exclusively in Italy, in the establishment in Casalnuovo in Naples, where suits are subjected to severe quality controls during various phases of manufacturing.

The success of this brand is reached thanks to the ability to reinterpret the history concept combined with tradition and innovation at the same time, ancient sartorial culture of needle and thread and advanced technologies together with constant style research.

ISAIA dresses the man of yesterday as well as today with all its countless shades, because it’s Contemporary Tradition.

As protagonist of the proper life, the ISAIA Man has success, is able to decide but also play, still wants to discover new exciting emotions. Cares properly, without obsession, about his appearance to feel comfortable in every moment of his day. He’s not necessarily handsom, but he’s definitely sexy and fascinating. It’s a man that can get over mass defintions and stereotype clichés. Free of fashion system dictates, he has personal, sophisticated, eclectic, refined, casual and also elegant style. Let’s say the Gentleman of new millenium, mindful even for the smallest details. A little bit of Narcissus, a little bit of Peter Pan, loves to be recognized and has no fear to be noted, he’s unequivocally stylish, rational but also irriverent and searches continuously for the beautiful.
Lives from passion and emotion, he dresses ISAIA.

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