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Jean Patou

Posted by in , on 12-6-12

The history of Jean Patou Paris dates back to the early 20th century when in 1912, at the age of 27 Jean Patou opened his first Couture house in Paris to great acclaim. With his truly pioneering spirit, Patou profoundly revolutionised fashion and thus contributed to the emancipation of women. He invented the concept of modern sportswear, created the first knitted “swimming costume” and designed the first garments made from jersey.

His vision was for women to feel liberated and above all for them to be attractive and feminine. In this spirit, he created his first fragrances in 1925, “Amour Amour”, “Que Sais-Je?” and “Adieu Sagesse”, but it was in 1930 that Jean Patou was recognised as one of the great perfume houses of its time. After the 1929 financial crash, he challenged the grim economic context by offering women a sumptuous fragrance that was designed with the same care as an Haute Couture gown….JOY. This instant hit was based on a simple yet rich accord of the two most beautiful flowers used in perfumery: rose and jasmine. Timeless and emblematic, JOY has defied fashion by enchanting several generations of women.

After the closure of the haute couture business in 1987, the company has continued to produce fragrances under the Jean Patou brand.

Designer Parfums owns the French fragrance house and reaffirms the heritage and credentials of the Jean Patou brand, its collection of fragrances and its unique status as one of the world’s leading fragrance houses. Designer Parfums is an emerging force within the international world of fine fragrances and their portfolio of fragrances is a broad spectrum of classics with true heritage alongside designer and lifestyle brands.

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