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Ketel One Vodka

Posted by in on 1-4-13

Ketel One VODKAKetel One vodka is distilled from 100% wheat in copper pot stills. The name Ketel One is derived from Distilleerketel Number 1, a Dutch word meaning ‘pot still.’  It is probably one of the only vodkas in the world to be named after a key element in its production process.

The distillery was founded over 300 years ago in 1691 by Joannes Nolet, the beginning of a long family tradition of distilling expertise. Sometimes regarded as one of the capitals of spirits, Schiedam, Netherlands is the place where brandy and jenever (Dutch gin) were apparently invented.

The Master Distiller is an artist of exactness, taking pride in crafting a crisp, sophisticated vodka unlike any other.

On the front label is the Nolet family crest, and on the back is a list of the 10 Generations. The meaning of this iconic crest can be traced back centuries. In mythology, the unicorn is the only foe the lion fears. On the Nolet family crest, these majestic creatures represent courage and the fighting spirit.

Symbolism of the Nolet family colors:
Blue – Science & Truth
Red – Sacrifice & Courage
Green – Mildness & Hope
Silver – Loyalty
Gold – Wisdom & Wealth

The bottle was designed in the style of an original Dutch stone spirit bottle.

The only change made to the Ketel One Vodka bottle shape came at the request of bartenders. The neck was lengthened so bartenders could get a better hold of it, making it easier to hold and pour for better cocktail making.

The history of excellence is confirmed nowadays in the brands Ketel One Vodka, among the leading super premium vodka’s worldwide, and in Ketel 1 Jenever, one of the leading jenevers in Holland.

In 2008, The Nolet Group and Diageo come together in a 50/50 joint venture to form Ketel One Worldwide B.V.

In 2003, Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, established The Reserve Brands Group, its boutique division of luxury spirit brands. Today, the group includes the multi-award winning portfolio of Johnnie Walker, Ketel One vodka, Ron Zacapa rum, Don Julio tequila, Cîroc vodka, Tanqueray London Dry gin, Tanqueray No. Ten gin and The Classic Malts Selection.


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