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La Maison du Chocolat

Posted by in , on 12-10-12

In 1977, when he opened his first chocolate workshop in an old wine cellar in Paris, it was considered very daring to devote all of one’s time and energy purely to chocolate. Back then, Parisians only ate chocolate during Easter and Christmas – and so this first La Maison du Chocolat boutique on 225 Rue du Fauborg seemed doomed for failure.

Company founder Robert Linxe was one of the world’s first chocolatiers and pioneered the approach of bringing the production principles of a haute cuisine to the world of chocolate making: selecting only the finest ingredients, attention to detail during production and a highly aesthetic approach to presentation. Monsieur Linxe’s devotion to excellence and to creating one of the first and finest luxury chocolate shops in the world proved profitable beyond anyone’s expectations.

La Maison du Chocolat has six prestigious addresses (including two locations in New York City, as well as Paris and Tokyo) and is planning on spreading his unique savoir-faire and style to other parts of the world.

La Maison du Chocolat is part of the Groupe Soparind Bongrain, world leader in the agri-food sector.

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