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Posted by in , on 4-21-12

Born in 1876, Lancel loves women and, for the past 134 years, has offered them bags that tell stories, arouse emotions, celebrate colors and textures… Bags that Angèle Lancel, who founded the company, envisioned as “secrets of feminine seduction”.

Lancel stands for that quintessentially French spirit, chic, carefree and just a little irreverent, the expression of an attitude that we call “French légèreté”. Lancel is also an ethos, a commitment to authenticity and creativity.

The beauty of the initial drawing, the ideal proportions of the prototype, the choice of the material, the assembly by hand of a hundred different components, the jewelry-inspired engraving on the claps, the endlessly meticulous finishing – all of this endows Lancel bags with a soul, a patina, a flair that makes each woman and her story quite unique. At Lancel, we are proud of making beautiful bags that give women an inimitable allure, bags that are the perfect fusion of intimacy and self-expression.

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