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L’Andana Hotel

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L’Andana Hotel, on the Tenuta La Badiola, was the core of Leopold II’s land reclamation project. In the first half of the Nineteenth century, he decided to reawaken these lands by transforming swamps into fields, introducing new agricultural techniques, offering trust by example. The duty of the king and of good administrators, when both rediscover the sense of the countryside, the care of Eden. Even when he left the throne of Tuscany to the new sovereign of Italy, Leopold II continued with his project.

Today, the Grand Duke’s dream has been revitalised by the commitment of the Moretti family and Alain Ducasse, who is involved in this project both as a chef and as a hotelier. The joint venture between Italy and France has created an enchanting resort, with SPA Gourmand, Alain Ducasse’s Trattoria Toscana, Casa Badiola golf course and a private chapel. The resort’s large luminous rooms have become one with the landscape, a comfortable corner where the Maremma enters almost without knocking.

Working to achieve a goal, choosing the timing and the means is similar to the work of a farmer who almost doesn’t notice the efforts that step by step bring him closer to achieving the desired results. L’Andana conveys a strong sense of hospitality, of reward, and has an imposing and visible image of a driving and resolutive force. Just like the cuisine of Trattoria Toscana, Alain Ducasse’s restaurant built out of the estate’s former barns: a snake made of steel and lights that even when everything is shut down appears to maintain a state of optimistic wakefulness for its work. Behind the machine which regulates the entire production cycle of the dishes you can hear the words of the chef, who lends his ear and puts his curiosity to the top of his culinary thoughts, listening to the hunting or fishing stories and visualising the places and their history.

L’Andana has 33 large rooms in the villa and 8 rooms in the guest house, rangingo between 40 and 90 square metres: some have a mezzanine floor and all, in particular the 4 prestige suites, boast a magnificent view over the Maremma; the bathrooms are also very spacious and have mosaic shower-bathtubs measuring 2 by up to 3 metres.
In the morning guests come down to the kitchen for their breakfast and at all times eyes are drawn to the monumental tree-lined avenue stretching one kilometre; here the romanticism of the guests is of prime importance.

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