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Posted by in on 4-23-12

Maftei Shoes- Craftsmanship and Family Tradition

The Maftei family, originally from Romania, has been dedicated to the tradition of custom shoemaking since the 19th century. The Mafteis owned and ran a famous workshop on the Rumanian Moldau that employed 40 craftsmen to make bespoke footwear.

left Romania in 1988 and, since 1994, he and his wife Lucia have worked in Vienna where they started out making footwear for the best custom shoemakers in the city.

From 1994 to 1996 custom shoes by Maftei were a well-kept secret, available only through exclusive gentlemens’ clothing shops and not offered under the Maftei name.

In 1996 Alexandru Maftei opened his own workshop at Kühnplatz 6 in Vienna’s 4th district. His footwear is also available in the shop at Postgasse 11 in the 1st district. In keeping with the family tradition, Alexandru and his wife Lucia still work in the business, as do both their sons Alexandru Jr. and Lucian – and daughter Roxana.

The Maftei workshops are known for their high standards of quality and individual customer service. In addition, their range of models and styles, plus the excellent repair services, make these Viennese craftsmen virtually unique. Their clientel has become international in recent years, with the result that the reputation of Maftei shoes stretches from Vienna to Paris and as far as Boston (USA). International customers have helped to make the special Maftei model “Alexandru” a modern classic.

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