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Posted by in on 4-21-12

MeMini is the name of a Norwegian child label and store with the same name. In our stores we can tempt you with beautiful clothes for everyone. We wish to welcome you to our little universe! 

In 2006, the beautiful children’s collection MeMini, by Kristine Vikse, presented on the market. In this connection, the first MeMini store opened in Haugesund. This was a natural place for the store reopened MeMini, as the sign is a Norwegian design of Haugesund.The collections are inspired by Nordic nostalgia and tradition. The clothes are made ​​based on children’s dreams and fantasies, combined with functionality and children’s wellbeing.

MeMini makes clothing that allows children to be children. Kids collection was well received and quickly became the largest of its kind from a Norwegian designer in Norway. 

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