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OMAS‘s creations tell the story of their inventor: Armando Simoni.
He was a lover of Greek culture, a technician and artist at the same time, and a great enthusiast of the pen world. In 1925 he set up OMAS (Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni).

From a small workshop, OMAS very quickly grew into a company of international renown in which Cavaliere Simoni’s creativity, technical knowledge and brilliance came together in the creation of original machines needed to knurl the styluses, facet the pens, and cut and grind the nib points.

Armando Simoni’s inspiration came to fruition in a series of products, unique of their kind, and admired by the most demanding collectors: the “Doctor’s pen” with a tiny clinical thermometer hidden in the body of the pen, the fountain pen with a choice of two alternative nibs, and celluloid models with the transparent reservoir setting off its shining beauty, are just a few of the most striking examples of the founder’s creativity.

Having been appointed Cavaliere (Knight) of the Crown of Italy, Armando Simoni became known as the “Cavaliere”. The founder’s noble status also had an effect on his company and the small Bologna workshop was transformed into a company of international renown.

The excellent quality and extraordinary innovation of OMAS pens aroused the interest of Hengdeli Holdings Limited Group, the leader in the distribution and the retailing of luxury watches in China with the distribution of more than 50 international brands including those of Richemont, LVMH, Swatch Groups and Rolex. So OMAS is now part of this public company, listed on Asia’s premier stock exchange in Hong Kong.

The skilful mix of Design, Handcrafting, the use of Precious Materials and Innovation constitute the values around which each OMAS pen is developed.

First and foremost, a pen is a creative tool, and an attractive and fascinating means of expression.
Imagining and creating these instruments requires a deep understanding of emotions and a passion for beautiful things.

OMAS pens have always been characterised by their timeless, elegant and essential design and strong personality, which highlight the characteristics typical of Italian style and stand as examples of Italian creative excellence in the fountain pen sector.
These valuable writing jewels combine to perfection, aesthetic high qualities and performances, and a sophisticated image with “the pleasure of writing”.

It is based on this tradition and uncompromising savoir faire that the design of OMAS pens is capable of harnessing and interpreting the spirit of the age, ensuring an ever more modern creative impulse and inspiration.

Arte Italiana Collection with its unique, characteristic twelve-sided shape or 360 Collection with its unique triangular shape which encourages and facilitates perfect ergonomics are produced on a small scale and with the passion of every single employee.

An OMAS fountain pen is the result of a multitude of delicate operations. It can take up to 365 days to produce Omas exceptional celluoloid writing instrument.

Cotton resin, wood, celluloid, titanium, gold and silver are worked to produce high quality masterpieces destined for true connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

The Limited Editions and Special Editions, started in 1932, are soughafter all over the world. They recall significant historical or cultural events, and particular places or situations which have come to be considered praiseworthy over the years.
Each collection is a real jewel of the highest level of craftsmanship: the materials used are rare and precious and the techniques used to handcraft them are particularly complex and refined. Each pen thus becomes a unique and unrepeatable work of art.

It is a great honor for Omas to be chosen by international exclusive fashion, luxury car, wine brands, as Emilio Pucci, Automobili Lamborghini, Maserati, Château Lafite Rothschild, Krug and Marchesi Antinori, to realize unique and special limited edition co-branding projects.

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