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Posted by in , on 5-2-12

Penhaligon’s is a very special English company that believes only the best will do.

William Penhaligon’s was an alchemist and an iconoclast. He was the first defiant perfumer, taking inspiration from unlikely places and making it into sumptuous scents.

He would mix together magical vapours and condense them into squat little bottles.

William Penhaligon’s, born in Cornwall, moved to London in the late 1860’s and set up a barbers next door to the decadent Hammam Turkish baths in Piccadilly.

His first fragrance, created in 1872 was named Hammam Bouquet in honour of the famous Turkish baths that had inspired it.

He spend his days experimenting with a wide range of extracts of cologne, bath essences and hair preparation. He decanted them into small glass bottles with the traditional ribbon around the stopper and only natural ingredients were used.

Clients were drawn from far and wide.

In 1902 Blenheim Bouquet was unleashed, created for the Duke of Marlborough, worn too by Winston Churchill.

Blenheim Bouquet was one of the very first citrus scents, ”as bright and zesty as a Mediterranean lemon grove” Penhaligon’s still offers it today as one of it’s best sellers.

Penhaligon’s prides itself on it’s own individuality. Inspired by the past, stimulated by the present and committed to the future. Our products share a timeless elegance which represents a rich history.

Penhaligon’s is one of the few true perfume houses in the world. Designing and making it’s own scents, going great lengths to achieve precise effects. Only fine and rare ingredients are used, such as hand squeezed oil of Bergamot and Jasmine oil at twice the price of gold.