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Posted by in on 4-29-12

Sometimes, a scent is more evocative than a photo or an image. It’s the trigger for an explosion of sensation, emotion, desire, atmosphere, uncontrollable sense of dejavuu that spreads and binds us like honey, until it drowns us in only one moment of wellness.

We are in the earlier Fifties of Twentieth Century. In a small enchanting countryside town in the Southern of Italy – Sant’Elena Sannita – there was the desire to create great and important things. This entrepreneur spirit characterized in particular the Durante family guiding them towards the city of Rome, the right place to realize their objectives.
In a very short time they opened their first shop, selling luxury personal care and well-being products.

Thanks to their teachings – the latest generation – decided to give life to their professional passion and created their own olfactive concept. 1996 was the date when the concept was brought to life creating unconventional smells linked to their feelings, emotions and personal experience not following any existing rules in the world of fragrance.

The result is PRO FVMVM ROMA, unique, unconventional, rare. A sophisticated concept evolving into an intense experience that can be lived and understood by everybody.

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