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Rubelli, the Venice company currently run by the fifth generation of the Rubelli family, designs, produces and sells furnishing products, above all fabrics. Strengthened by a wide and diversified product range, permanently positioned at the high end of the market, Rubelli is a key player on the international interior design scene. Production is carried out at the mill it owns in Como, a true research lab for the development and optimisation of new and exclusive fabric types and where, alongside cutting-edge machinery, eighteenth-century hand looms are still in operation. Company-owned showrooms in major cities in Italy and elsewhere, together with qualified agents and distributors, guarantee extensive distribution worldwide.

Rubelli fabrics decorate private homes, international hotels, world-renowned theatres, castles and museums. The Rubelli name is also linked to projects aimed at adding value to the artistic and cultural heritage, in the name of a textile tradition and a love for art that have always been a part of the history of the Venice group.

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