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S. T. Dupont

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S. T. Dupond manufactures luxury lighters, small leather goods, accessories and writing instruments and it was founded in 1872 by Simon Tissot- Dupont who settled the brand in Paris initially as a trunk-making business.

In 1941, S.T. Dupont brought out a petrol lighter. Then, in 1952, after two years of research, S.T. Dupont brought out its first gas lighterThe lighter has been the emblem of S.T.Dupont since its launch. World-renowned, these coveted luxury lighters are purchased, and offered, as if they were jewels. They are adorned in precious silver, gold, palladium and lacquer. An entire art is captured in the sophisticated and discreet “cling”, which is heard when certain lighters are flicked open. Each one is a unique object with an identification number engraved on the bottom.

S.T.Dupont also produces accessories to accompany its lighters, including cases, cigar humidors, cigar cutters and ashtrays.

The luxury writing instruments were realeased in 1973 when  S.T.Dupont started a revolution with the launch of the first luxury ballpoint pen. It was functional and technical but also very personal. In 1996, the Olympio was introduced for the pleasure of writing. Declined in precious materials such as leather, Chinese lacquer, mother-of-pearl, this collection is available in 4 sizes (mini, M, L and XL). Then, the Caprice collection has introduced a feminine element into the world of writing. For 2008, S.T.Dupont has once again broken new ground, designing the Néo-Classique Président, the first luxury writing instrument to incorporate a powerful USB key.

Drawing inspiration from its beginnings, S.T.Dupont rediscovers its roots in producing top-quality leather goods. Calfskin, full-grain lambskin and buffalo hide – natural, supple skins that gain in beauty over time – are chosen exclusively in France, Italy and Spain, and must meet the quality standards required for traditional production. Several operations, including cutting, stitching and assembling, are performed manually, in accordance with long-established criteria.

Charming and alluring, everything revolves around accessories. Cufflinks, signet rings, wedding bands, pendants and tie pins become precious jewels. Master craftsmen working with palladium, yellow gold, pink gold, silver plating, lacquer or double-gadroon finishes produce exquisite work.

Since 1987, S.T.Dupont is a subsidiary of Dickson Concepts, a Hong Kong luxury group.

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