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Sevani Botanica

Posted by in on 4-30-12

Developed and researched by a Holistic Skin Care Expert of over 25 years, Sevani Botanica™ contains a “special blend” of rare, high-potency organic nutrients and ayurvedic antioxidants along with cutting-edge cosmeceutical grade ingredients. This unique combination visibly repairs, protects and prevents accelerated aging and damage to restore skin’s radiance and provide firmer, even toned, younger looking skin while being gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types. Sevani products are always vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and 100% free of artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives.
Also rated “Champion Status” by the EWG’s database for Safe Cosmetics.

Sevani Skin Care Benefits:

• Protect from accelerated aging

• Restore elasticity and firmness

• Minimize dark spots and redness

• Restore a smooth, even complexion

• Refine skin texture and regulate oil

• Provide luminosity for a radiant glow!
Sevani utilizes “Ecocert” ingredients whenever available to ensure the highest quality products possible.

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United States of America


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