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Established in 1887, Smythson is one of Britain’s foremost luxury brands, internationally renowned for its timeless style, impeccable service and innovative design. Ranging from its unrivalled, iconic bespoke stationery to an extensive collection of leather goods including fashion, travel and business accessories, each piece bears Smythson’s unmistakable trademark of optimum quality, functionality and exquisite craftsmanship.

The brand has long been associated with extraordinary people and extraordinary times. In the 1920s, Smythson produced stationery for European Royalty and the Indian Maharajas. The company continued to trade during the Second World War, when paper rationing saw customers queuing outside the shop to buy its diaries; a testament to Smythson’s ineradicably established reputation. During the 1950s and ’60s the company’s popularity bloomed as the rising accessibility of air travel prompted celebrities and movie stars to flock to the New Bond Street store.

Smythson was granted a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen in 1964. Other warrants followed: HRH The Prince of Wales in 1980, Her Majesty The Queen Mother in 1987, and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 2002. While holding the Queen Mother’s Warrant, Smythson was one of only eight companies in the world to hold all four warrants at the same time.

Building on an illustrious past and continuing success, Smythson is steadily establishing itself as a leading British leather goods specialist. Privately owned since December 2009, it is a vertical business that includes Italian leather goods manufacturers and English book binding operations as part of the Group. An extensive investment programme is underway across all aspects of the business, including the creation of a new senior management team, a new global marketing strategy and significant investment in systems and infrastructure, encompassing a new store concept rolled out in 2012 to inaugurate the celebration of the Smythson’s 125th anniversary.

Made with only the highest quality, carefully sourced leathers, the brand’s products encompass a wide range of elegantly designed items for men and women, including handbags, diaries, business and technology accessories, travel goods and hand-crafted jewellery boxes. Smythson’s iconic personalised bespoke service is the haute couture of stationery, renowned for the department’s discretion and discerning expertise. This authority in the art of personalisation is a distinct articulation of the brand’s highly attuned sensibility towards individuality and celebration of self-expression.


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