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Stone Island

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A culture of research, experimentation, function and use are the matrixes that have always defined Stone Island: the sportswear brand, designed to become a symbol of extreme research on fibres and textiles, applied to an innovative design.

The study of uniforms and of work wear, its evolution according to new requirements of use, has become Stone Island’s observation post for defining a project in which the clothing item’s function is never just aesthetic.

An ongoing investigation, thorough and without frontiers, on the processing and ennobling of fibres and textiles, leading to discover materials and production techniques never used before in the clothing industry.

Jackets constructed in nylon monofilament, deriving from the water filtering technology. Highly reflective or thermo-sensitive fabrics, changing colour with the variation of temperature. Featherweight polyester cloth vacuum- coated with a 100% stainless steel film used in aviation technology to protect the on-board computers. Non-woven materials, Kevlar® and polyester felt, rhomboidal nets in polyester used in the construction industry and coated in polyurethane. These are some examples of materials conceived by Stone Island philosophy.

Stone Island’s strength is also based on the unique ability to intervene on the finished item, through the continuous tests on dyeing and treatments carried out in the Sportswear Company’s laboratory of colour. A department able to combine advanced technology, experience and human capacity and that has developed more than 60.000 different recipes of dyes throughout the years. The archive as a strong point of reference, the insatiable curiosity of sounding the present and the tension towards possible future scenarios are the conditions for Stone Island’s continuous evolution.

The History of Stone Island

The brand Stone Island was created by Sportswear Company in 1982.
The Company was established in 1974, in Ravarino in the province of Modena, by Massimo Osti.
Stone Island had a marine feel, reminiscent of oilskins that have been corroded by the sea, as well as a military feel, arising from the background of research undertaken up until that time. The name too, evoked the love for the sea and the treatment used to create the garments.
The badge – the embroidered fabric label that has distinguished the brand since the first season – held the Compass Rose and was displayed like an insignia on a military garment.
In 1983 the Company was taken over by the GFT Group and Carlo Rivetti, shareholder of the Group, entered the scene. He believed in sportswear and fell in love with the product, the research, the philosophy and the creative tension in the air in Ravarino. That’s why in September 1993, he purchased the company –together with his sister Cristina – and took over the chairman office.

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