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The Perfume Foundation is a consumer organization. The Perfume Foundation’s mission is to be the leading authority on environmental and health issues related to fragrances and scents, while contributing to the cultural heritage of perfume.

The Perfume Foundation is a Belgian non-profit organisation created in 1995, known internationally and recognised by institutions, the perfume and cosmetic industry and NGO’s.

The name “Perfume Foundation” is a reference to its ultimate goal to come back to the basic foundation of Perfumery, which are products that are good for health, safe for the environment and made with real flowers and plants.

To protect consumer’s health, The Perfume Foundation is lobbying for new regulation for natural, bio and organic in perfumes, cosmetics, beauty creams, skin food and hygiene products.

Perfumes today are completely synthetic, made by the chemical industry mostly as the EU regulation does not encourage real perfumery experts to use plants and flowers in their compositions.

The United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has fewer regulations. The US consumer is concerned about health issues, as medical insurance in the USA is very expensive. The consumer is well informed and is demanding pure products to keep healthy.

The Perfume Foundation is working in collaboration with The Cancer Prevention Association and The Lung Association.

Perfume is everywhere around us, in perfumes, in cosmetics and in household products. THE PERFUME FOUNDATION cooperates with other international organizations in order to actively promote a safer environment.

Perfume is an art. Perfume is a magic word, revealing as well mysteries of the Orient, gifts from nature, offering to gods or emotions of love. From the antique world to the 20th century perfume had also a therapeutic use.

THE PERFUME FOUNDATION believes in a new industry discovering new plants, new flowers and working together with scientists for human well being and protection of our environment.

We will support all new incentives, all new projects to achieve our mission.


THE PERFUME FOUNDATION’s activities are mainly the promotion of the culture of Perfume, the initiation of research, testing, labelling, lobbying, conferences and communication.

If you love perfumery like we do, if you want to protect your art of living, and transmit your culture to your children or grand children we invite you to help us. We strongly encourage you to contribute money, time and other resources that you may have towards the accomplishment of our mission.

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