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Tie your Tie

Posted by in on 4-30-12

Since 1984 the tradition of our brand has always had a singular commitment to the concept of the old “tailor-made” traditions over possible new social, cultural, behavioral references. The daily will and the commitment to express innovations to old traditions, stylistic spontaneity along with traditionally classic taste, great attention to details along with comfort and practicality, professionalism in the offer of products and services for exclusivity tailor-made for the client, this is the meaning of LUXURY for us.

The TIE YOUR TIE brand was an idea of Franco Minucci. With his wife, he opened a little boutique in the historic center of Florence, where from the early years gained a great deal of success not only for the style of the products sold but for the services and the attention that these reserve for their customers, offering, completing the total classic look for men, all the most sartorial touches that can be offered in a single environment (Hats, Suits, Jackets, Pants, Shirts, Knits, Accessories and Shoes), all exclusively or nearly completely handmade, certainly made to measure and personalized for every single customer. After 12 years of national success dressing some the most important and wealthy Italian businessmen, our foreign adventure began. The visit of an important multi-national Japanese business determined the beginning of a long and successful collaboration in Japan, a country that is very sensitive and attentive to luxury and “Made in Italy” in all its small but important particularities.

In 1996, the first TIE YOUR TIE point of sale opened in Japan, in Tokyo in fact, and after two years the second opened in Osaka; in the same year, distribution of accessories with the TIE YOUR TIE brand began on the whole territory. Still in 1996, the TIE YOUR TIE shop in Florence became part of the 100 most elegant shops in the world, as recorded with a citation in Alan Flusser’s book “Style and the Man” published by HarperStyle in 1996.

Over of the last 10 years, the company has always paid more attention to the exclusivity and elegance of fabrics, models and particularities, not only to adorn its own clothing, but to give that touch of exclusive personality to its own creations. Our company has always been distinguished by a choice (in fact a double choice) as courageous as it is specific: that of producing everything strictly in Italy in the heart of its own city, and especially producing everything within its own company creating the image of a leading company especially to transmit to all the recipients of our relationships the “culture of our own product and of the way of being on the market, quickly improvising the new strategy made up of brand awareness, communication, but also distribution and post-sales services.

Today, the man who enters the elegant showroom located in the former Florentine Palazzo Viviani – della Robbia, in the very central location Via Tornabuoni, within steps of all the museums and historic monuments of one of the most beautiful and famous art cities in the world, finds suits with exquisite detail, top-notch shirts, handcrafted shoes, and refined ties that exalt excellent style, careful details, and the most exclusive hand-crafting. Small series productions, along with tailor-made products, but always of the highest hand-crafting, of jackets, shirts, shoes and ties (true objects of desire for men driven by the passion and love for the most refined silk and cashmere fabrics), increasingly target the international markets most attentive to luxury, the business with interest and high-standing brand positioning.

For TIE YOUR TIE, the meaning of luxury is included in the maximum expression of the ancient arts of Italian hand-crafting, making products of the highest quality intended for the market niche of valuable items, paying attention to every single customer, personalizing the clothing purchased from the moment of its creation up to the delivery and post-sale. This union of products and services give each TIE YOUR TIE customer a unique look.

In an era of luxury, the greatest privilege is to be distinguished from others.

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