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Tod’s SpA

Posted by in on 8-28-14

Tod’s SpA is the operating holding of a group that is amongst the leading players which produce and sell shoes and luxury leather goods with the brand names Tod’s, Hogan, Roger Vivier and ready to wear with Fay.

The brands of the group, each with their own personal identity are linked by a common philosophy, which distinguishes itself for a well balanced mix of tradition and modernity, high quality, creativity and functionality.

The high standard of quality met by the products is guaranteed by the strong craftsmanship involved in each phase of the production: every product is hand made and crafted using traditional methods, and after numerous steps that include inspecting the product throughout the manufacturing process, it becomes an exclusive and recognizable object.

The story of the company begins in the early 1900s, when Diego Della Valle’s grandfather, Filippo founded a small shoe factory. In the 70′s, it grew from a small family business into international company, when Diego Della Valle, the current President of the Group, entered the firm.

Tod’s Spa was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in 2000.

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